Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advanced Killer Home Chest Workout

Wow maybe I should try this. That man's got some boobs! And a cool green hat ha ha. This video gets weird after about the first minute.. it's pretty long, weird, and strangely interesting.. He looks like he's in serious pain in those exercises. The things men will do for pecs.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Funny Face Lift Exercises

This is a strange video to avoid wrinkles. Be patient through the first minute, because it gets really interesting and funny after that!

Jim Carey-Workout

Give it up to Jim Carey to satirizing the fitness world. This is the Jim Carey I actually enjoy.

The FIRM 'Body Sculpting Basics' Classic DVD Workout

I heard about the Firm fitness videos from an article I've been reading titled 'Resisting Venus: Negotiating Corpulence in Exercise Videos', written by Antonia Losano and Brenda A. Risch. The article points out the contrast between the representations of women as goddesses in the background (the statues of Venus, Primavera, the Graces, etc.), and the women in the foreground doing the exercises. Very interesting.. the perfection of all of the overly-happy women exercising in the video, in combination with the ancient goddess statues in the background is almost haunting..

Vickie Winans Fitness Hustle-Directed by Darryl D. Lassiter

I love the attitude in this video. What I love about this one is that it's less about being a perfect body, and more about getting some groove on. This is a great video to try to follow along in your living room- they go so fast in it you just end up flailing your arms around and feeling like a complete idiot. But it's fun!!

Learning English through Exercise

I love this video. The English is totally random, and I love that their mouths aren't actually saying what the English is.. there are so many weird 'learn English through fitness videos' out there. I wonder how many people actually learn something from this video..